[Note: The statements below are intended solely to stimulate discussion among the Expert community, and do not represent the position of OurEnergyPolicy.org. Text in italics indicates clarification or expansion.]

The U.S. will be moving to electricity based short-haul transportation at a rapid pace. The transition is in its early stages and will grow exponentially starting in 2010.

The electric battery car will be the vehicle of the 21 century. It is highly likely that within 15-20 years every new car will be electric.

Cheap electricity is a critical component of U.S. competitiveness. Worldwide energy prices will continue to rise. Having the cheapest electricity will become an important competitive advantage.

Greater energy efficiency is a critical component of U.S. competitiveness. The global economy will also compete on efficiency. The U.S. is the most energy efficient per $ of GDP but we are the least efficient per capita. We can and must be much more efficient.

Without efficiency measures, demand for electricity will continue to rise as result of population growth, the rise in standard of living (e.g., flat screen TVs) and the transition to electricity based transportation. The rise in standard of living is directly related to the rise in electricity use.

Efficiency – Our efficiency goal should be to meet our future growth needs while keeping electricity production per capita at 2010 level. California has proved that you can grow the population, the standard of living and the economy while keeping electricity per capita production flat.

GHG Reduction – Aggressive and continuous cost-effective GHG reductions over the next three decades to a substantially lower amount (the feasibility of a target must be measured and not just politically declared). It is a doable target if done smartly using science and balanced regulation that will release market forces.

Independence – Minimal dependence on foreign suppliers, except Canada. We should not develop solutions that will increase our dependence on foreign energy sources.

Security – The security of electricity generation and transmission system is a major national concern. The electrical infrastructure should be redesigned to better withstand interruptions.