Electrifying Transport: The State of Electric Vehicles

December 8, 2021

EV’s will play a major part in the future of transportation. Recent actions from the federal government and key players in the industry have underscored the vision of a decarbonized transportation sector and brought increased attention to the transition. This webinar examines the evolving sector and how it can meet federal and industry electrification goals. 

Moderated by:
Dan Levy
Senior Equity
Research Analyst
Credit Suisse
Opening Remarks:
Sarah Fitts
Schiff Hardin LLP
Co-hosted by:


Steven Boyd
Program Manager,
Batteries and Electrification
U.S. Department of Energy
Colleen Jansen
Chief Marketing

Michael Maten
Senior Strategist,
EV and Energy Policy
U.S. Department of Energy


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