Full Title: Energy Storage Management Systems 2015-2019: Applications, Players and Forecast
Author(s): James Blecher
Publisher(s): GTM Research
Publication Date: 04/2015


Description (excerpt):

A quarter-century ago, the batteries utilities used were often kept in a dusty room, tested once a year, and used only to restart a generator during outages. But today, batteries are becoming a major part of many utilities’ overall energy delivery and management strategies. As energy storage proliferates, many users are learning that they can’t just put energy storage and power control systems together to create value. Batteries have a finite asset life, and their use affects asset life and return on investment. Getting the most value out of these energy storage installations requires the use of intelligent energy storage management systems (ESMS).

GTM Research estimates that the U.S. market for energy storage management systems will grow tenfold through 2019, creating a significant opportunity for players in the space.