Full Title: Enhancing User Customization through Novel Software Architecture for Utility-Scale Solar Siting Software
Author(s): Brant Peery, R. Sam Alessi, Randy D. Lee, Leng Vang, Scott Brown, David Solan, and Dan Ames
Publisher(s): Idaho National Laboratory
Publication Date: 2014


Description (excerpt):

The need exists for a spatial decision support application that allows users to create customized metrics for comparing proposed locations of a new solar installation. This document discusses how PVMapper was designed to overcome the customization problem through development of loosely coupled spatial and decision components in a JavaScript plug-in architecture, allowing the user to easily add functionality and data to the system. The paper also explains how PVMapper provides the user with a dynamic and customizable decision tool that enables them to visually modify the formulas that are used in the decision algorithms that convert data to comparable metrics. The technologies that make up the presentation and calculation software stack are outlined. This document also explains the architecture that allows the tool to grow through custom plug-ins created by the software users. Some discussion is given on the difficulties encountered while designing the system.