Full Title: Environmental Policy Guide: 167 Recommendations for Environmental Policy Reform
Author(s): Diane Katz
Publisher(s): The Heritage Foundation
Publication Date: 2015


Description (excerpt):
Ill-conceived and excessive regulation increasingly inhibits economic growth and erodes individual liberty. Environmental regulation, in particular, frequently lacks a foundation in either sound science or rational economics, fails to balance costs and benefits, and routinely exceeds statutory or constitutional boundaries. These problems represent dysfunction of a high order, and reforms are urgently needed.

The Heritage Foundation’s new Environmental Policy Guide offers 167 detailed recommendations for reform stemming from consultations with dozens of experts in a variety of fields. Topics are divided into nine chapters, including: the Clean Air Act; the Clean Water Act; Lands and Wildlife; Property Rights; Climate Change; Energy; Regulatory Reform; Environmental Health and Safety; and Science, Data Access, and Information Quality. Recommendations are organized by type of action–legislation, authorization or oversight, and represent a wide-ranging platform for change.

This publication is a continuation of the Heritage Foundation’s effort to champion a principled approach to environmental and related energy policy.