Full Title: Four Policy Principles for Energy Innovation & Climate Change
Author(s): n/a
Publisher(s): Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes — Arizona State University
Publication Date: 6/2010
Language: English
Length: 12 pages, PDF

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Description (excerpt):

There is now little doubt that reducing global carbon dioxide emissions to address climate change at a societally acceptable cost will require substantial innovation in energy systems and technologies over the coming decades. We do not appear to be on that innovation path, however. This report summarizes and synthesizes the findings of several recent studies that examine how we might get there.

Despite the independence of the teams, collectively they display substantial convergence on four basic policy design principles, summarized, explained and illustrated further in this report:

Principle #1: Recognize that innovation policy is more than R&D policy
Principle #2: Pursue multiple innovation pathways.
Principle #3: Recognize CO2 reduction as a public good, and pursue energy innovation through a public works model.
Principle #4: Encourage collaboration on energy innovation with rapidly industrializing countries.