MW-AW207_oil_ge_20121113042558_MGAlong with my colleagues Reps. Tom Cole (R-OK) and Matt Salmon (R-AZ), I introduced the Fuel Choice for American Prosperity and Security Act (FCAPS, or H.R. 5107), a bill to promote fuel competition in our transportation sector. In particular, FCAPS aims to:

  1. Improve energy and national security by reducing the strategic importance of oil;
  2. Save consumers money at the pump by opening vehicles to fuel competition;
  3. Spur economic growth by allowing industry to capitalize on more of America’s natural resources; and
  4. Reduce the financial burden for automakers and consumers of meeting corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) regulations.

Opening cars to competitive fuel sources – allowing consumers to make an at-the-pump choice about different fuels by comparing cost per mile – would drive down the price of fuel, reduce the leverage of oil rich government and regimes, and encourage economic growth and innovation. Vehicles capable of operating on gasoline as well as liquid fuels made from natural gas, coal, biomass, or any combination of such fuels, cost under $100 extra to manufacture than gasoline only cars.

The bill gives automakers the option of reducing their CAFE obligation by 4 miles per gallon if they make half or more of the vehicles they manufacture in a model year, fuel-choice-enabling vehicles. For example, an automaker that under current law is required to attain an average fuel economy of 54.5mpg for its fleet would now have the option of reducing its obligation to 50.5mpg if it chooses to make half of its vehicles fuel flexible.

Please share your thoughts on my bill, “Fuel Choice for American Prosperity and Security Act.”

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