Atlantic Council – Secure supply chains and the race for advanced technologies: How can the United States succeed against China and Russia?

With the world entering an era of strategic competition, the United States and its allies have become dependent on China and Russia across a range of critical economic sectors, from pharmaceuticals to lithium ion batteries to energy and rare earth minerals, as Moscow and Beijing look to use their economic leverage to coerce vulnerable democracies to accede to their political demands. At the same time, China is pursuing a systematic effort to win the race for advanced technologies, and has invested heavily in research and development in advanced technologies, from AI to quantum computing to hypersonic missiles.

How can the United States and its allies address these critical challenges? Are new strategies or alliances needed on trade or technology? Does the US need to strengthen export controls with respect to China? How can the democratic world succeed in the growing strategic competition with autocratic rivals?


Sep 16 2022


2:30 PM - 6:00 PM

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Atlantic Council
Atlantic Council

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