Environmental Law Institute – New Frontiers in Environmental Law: Geoengineering

As a means to limit the worst impacts of climate change, more attention has been given to geoengineering Earth’s climate. This is especially true of solar radiation management (SRM). However, SRM has proven incredibly controversial especially in light of analysis suggesting SRM technologies would be relatively inexpensive (approximately $10 billion), no laws or treaties formally regulate the deployment of SRM, and significant scientific and ethical questions regarding SRM are still unanswered.

How should international bodies govern SRM research and deployment? What are the ethical and environmental justice concerns that must be considered in researching SRM? Is it possible to prevent a single-actor from deploying SRM technologies?

Expert panelists will provide an overview of SRM, lay the foundation for the benefits and controversies, and explore the ethical rationale for and against geoengineering. Join the Environmental Law Institute and expert panelists to explore these questions and more.


Jun 21 2022


12:00 PM - 1:30 PM



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Environmental Law Institute
Environmental Law Institute

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