Global South Perspectives: Shaping Climate Finance for a Sustainable Future

Join us for a virtual event that aims to share perspectives, stories and experiences of social accountability and the increasing need for green accountability within global discourses. This event will serve as a platform to promote transparency, accountability, and participation in climate finance, focusing on the lead-up to COP 28.

The urgency to combat climate change has become increasingly evident in recent years. The Global South is particularly vulnerable to climate risks such as extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and food insecurity. However, the voices of those most affected by climate change have often been marginalized in decision-making processes. In addition, civil society organizations have historically faced challenges in accessing and participating in climate finance mechanisms. The need to rapidly scale climate action necessitates a reciprocal step-change in climate finance’s quantity, quality, provision and disbursement. Including civil society’s voice is fundamental to participatory planning and the accountability measures to ensure funds are directed to areas where it matters most and is utilized in the manner for which it was intended.

This event seeks to deepen the GPSA’s dialogue with civil society organizations, activists, and experts to come together and advocate for a more inclusive and equitable approach to climate finance. The Voices for Just Climate Action will bring together stories and examples of the challenges faced by civil society and the innovative solutions that have been identified for their specific context. Through a presentation and panel discussion, participants will share their experiences and reflect on their emerging lessons. Whilst signposting helpful resources, tactics and tools, the session will allow for discussion on potential areas of convergence in relation to collection action on green accountability.


Nov 28 2023


9:00 AM

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