Neustar – Improving Utilities Contact Center Effectiveness with Intelligent Data

The contact center remains a key communication channel between utilities and consumers for all types of account-related activities.  Immediate and knowledgeable interactions are necessary to engage customers and find resolutions.

Research across dozens of utility call centers shows that, on average, 40% – 50% of inbound calls cannot be identified or contained in the IVR, resulting in increased agent costs and unnecessary friction in the customer experience. During the COVID-19 pandemic, call centers have been strained further from agent staffing issues, highlighting these inefficiencies and areas of opportunity for operational improvements.

IVR technologies are most effective when customers are identified from your CIS or CRM systems.  There are two challenges to this. First, research shows 18%-22% of a utility’s customer phone data is outdated and incorrect. Second, with mobile proliferation, individuals call from phones that aren’t in your systems.  This forces loyal customers to re-authenticate themselves, wasting time and money, and creating friction in the customer experience.

Join this webinar to learn how utilities are improving caller identification and self-serve rates, improving the call center customer experience.



Sep 29 2021


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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