Technical Evaluation Of Floating Offshore Wind Plants And Installation Operations

Offshore wind energy is witnessing remarkable growth, driven by the global shift towards sustainable and renewable energy sources. A pivotal innovation in this domain is floating offshore wind technology, which represents a transformative opportunity in harnessing wind energy from deep waters, where conventional fixed-bottom offshore wind systems face limitations due to depth constraints and escalating costs. Considering regional commitments to lower carbon emissions in energy generation, the accessibility of deep-water zones, rich in offshore wind resources, becomes increasingly critical.

Though there are promising prospects, this webinar will share an overview of how floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) developments present intricate challenges encompassing design, installation, and operational logistics.

Oceantic Network’s new monthly Research + Innovation Webinar Series features the latest research in offshore wind and ocean renewables. Network members will share updates on groundbreaking technologies, scientific advancements, and technical insights from around the globe that can be directly applied to project development and industry growth. Our goal is to unpack the intricacies of emergent issues, diving into the details that matter most to those at the forefront of the industry.

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Aug 15 2024


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Oceantic Network
Oceantic Network
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