Full Title: Girding the U.S. Electric Grid with Community Energy Storage
Author(s): Ben Bovarnick
Publisher(s): Center for American Progress
Publication Date: 07/2016


Description (excerpt):

Aging electricity grids will require additional investments in climate resilience to provide customers with reliable service. Energy storage offers an innovative opportunity for utilities to modernize their electric grids, improve efficiency, and reduce vulnerability to extreme weather—preserving and conferring numerous benefits to customers. Specifically, energy storage technologies—such as batteries, flywheels, pumped hydropower, and compressed air storage—can provide states and utilities with additional means to support electric grids and services. In particular, it will be important that utilities and grid operators consider using battery storage systems to augment grid resilience in the coming decades. These systems can take excess electricity off of the grid and reinsert it when necessary, allowing grid operators to efficiently manage fluctuations in the grid and direct electricity where it is most needed in times of crisis.