Full Title: Guide to Back Up Power. Considerations for Energy Storage Assets
Author(s): Chip Palombini
Publisher(s): Dynapower Company
Publication Date: 12/2016


Description (excerpt):
With ever increasing costs of loss of productivity from power outages alongside the cost of installing energy storage installations, commercial and industrial customers are expecting, and often requiring, backup power from their demand reduction energy storage installations. But not all energy storage inverters are capable of providing back up power. This is an important distinction because with favorable economics accelerating the growth of behind-the-meter storage, the requirement for systems capable of backup power will continue to rise.

It will be critical for developers and integrators to select systems that are capable of back up power built in meet the short term and long term expectations of their customers and to maximize the benefit for end users.

Here we provide considerations in selecting an inverter to provide backup power with a behind-the-meter energy storage systems.