Full Title: Improving the Market for Clean Energy in Texas
Author(s): Josiah Neeley
Publisher(s): R Street Institute
Publication Date: 04/2016


Description (excerpt):

The last few years have seen an incredible decline in the price of technologies that provide clean energy or increase energy efficiency. The cost of solar power has fallen by more than half since 2009. Tesla announced the release of its new Powerwall battery, providing commercially available electrical-storage options for residential and commercial consumers, as well as for utilities.

The untapped benefits to Texas from clean-energy technologies are enormous. Texas has more solar-power potential than any other state. A 2008 study by the Public Utility Commission of Texas found that energy-efficiency measures could save Texans between $4.2 billion and $11.9 billion. Moreover, the Lone Star State’s considerable manufacturing base is ideally suited to take advantage of large-scale cogeneration, in which heat generated as a side-effect of the manufacturing process is used to produce electricity.