Full Title: Lower Electric Costs in a Low-Emission Future
Author(s): Tommy Vitolo, PhD, Patrick Luckow, Spencer Fields, Patrick Knight, Bruce Biewald, and Elizabeth A. Stanton
Publisher(s): Synapse Energy Economics, Inc
Publication Date: 07/2015


Description (excerpt):

Big reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from the U.S. electric sector need not result in high costs for consumers. Indeed, analysis performed by Synapse Energy Economics shows that consumers can save $41 billion in the year 2040 if states aggressively pursue clean energy options (see Figure 1). States that take advantage of better energy efficiency programs, smarter energy management options, and shrinking renewable energy costs will be able to shutter aging coal plants that are becoming more and more expensive to run. Our analysis shows that market forces, policy trends, and technology advancements are converging to produce a key result: reducing electric-sector emissions lowers electricity costs.