Full Title: National Energy Policy Recommendations; IEEE-USA Policy Position Statement
Author(s): n/a
Publisher(s): IEEE-USA
Publication Date: 1/2009
Identifier(s):  www.ieeeusa.org/policy/energyplan
Language: English
Length: 12 pages, PDF

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Description (excerpt):

Energy underlies three converging challenges facing the United States today: prosperity, security and the environment. Electricity can play a key role in resolving these challenges, but substantial changes in how we manage our energy resources will be required.

The strategic goals are clear: To ensure that we can reliably meet energy needs, we must upgrade our electrical generation and delivery systems. We must break our addiction to oil, a dependence that threatens the U.S. economy, national security and environmental health. We must mitigate the adverse effects of climate change by transforming our energy systems and our economy to one that is carbon free, carbon neutral or which successfully captures and stores carbon emissions. This will require a cultural shift in the way we use energy, a modernizing and strengthening of the electrical infrastructure and changes in the way costs are recovered. Finally, we
must ensure that the cost of energy does not diminish our economy or impede its development.

Established and new technologies must be applied at unprecedented scale and on an accelerated schedule. Bold actions and substantial investments will be required.

This statement outlines the key actions and investments that  IEEE-USA thinks are necessary to achieve these goals.