Update: See a video recording of the event here

OurEneryPolicy.org’s high-level panel discussion, moderated by Chief National Correspondent for the Fox News Channel Jim Angle, and featuring James Connaughton, General James L. Jones, and Timothy Wirth, had an overall tone of optimism for energy policy for next four years and beyond. Here are some event highlights:

The panelists saw hydraulic fracturing as presenting an economic, energy security, and emissions reduction opportunity, but agreed that smaller “mom and pop” operations engaging in substandard industry practices could turn public opinion against fracking. However, there is an opportunity for industry leaders, such as Exxon, to help develop and promote the enforcement of best practices, according to the panel.

Timothy Wirth pointed to the high-level negotiations between Russia and the U.S. that led to arms control and non-proliferation as an example of the bilateral negotiations that should be taking place between the world’s two largest energy consumers and greenhouse gas emitters, the U.S. and China. The ascension of the new Chinese Premier gave the U.S. a three-year window to advance the issue and make a significant impact on the energy and climate issue, Senator Wirth said.

The panel delved into other issues through the hour-long discussion and question and answer session, such as the issue of energy illiteracy among the general public and government, the need for a national energy strategy council to coordinate and direct the agencies that create national energy policy, and upcoming energy policy priorities in light of other pressing policy issues.

The full transcript and a video of the event will be made available on our website next week. Please check back with questions and comments to continue the conversation with our Experts.