Full Title: Promising Blockchain Applications for Energy: Separating the Signal from the Noise
Author(s): Energy Futures Initiative
Publisher(s): Energy Futures Initiative
Publication Date: 07/2018


Description (excerpt):

Advances in digital technologies are unlocking new opportunities for businesses in every industry.
Roughly 7.5 million digital devices come online each day, changing the way people and businesses
communicate and collaborate around the world. Cloud computing has grown at breakneck speed,
resulting in remarkable levels of operational scalability for firms of all sizes. And recent developments
in artificial intelligence, enabled by digitalization, are already disrupting how we think about
transportation, medicine, energy, and other critical sectors.

Blockchain is part of this revolution – a high-value data management/transaction platform that is
made possible by this increasingly digital economy. Its value to energy systems and some key energy
applications are the focus of this analysis.