Public Private PartnershipsIndustry leaders acknowledge that meeting decarbonization goals will require the use of every tool at their disposal. This will require government to work closely with the private sector to develop effective solutions. These public-private partnerships, such as the Energy Future Collaboration Partnership between the city of Denver and Xcel Energy, will be essential if ambitious objectives at the state and local levels are to be achieved. 

On January 13, OurEnergyPolicy hosted a webinar led by Susanne DesRoches (NYC Office of Resiliency and NYC Office of Sustainability) that examined the importance and potential of public-private partnerships to advance and support the energy transition. 

Jonathan Rogers (City/County of Denver) and Tyler Smith (Xcel Energy) offered their insights on municipal-level partnerships as they provided an overview of the relationship between the city and utility, a framework that focuses on “innovation, clean energy, economic development opportunities, customer choice programs, and technology.” Michael Colgrove (Energy Trust of Oregon) explained the different structure of the partnerships his organization fosters as an independent non-profit overseen by the state public utility commission. The Energy Trust works at the state level with municipalities, utilities, and other energy stakeholders on both specific projects (hydropower, energy efficiency, etc.), and on more comprehensive planning such as for decarbonizing the grid and achieving greater resiliency.