Full Title: Regulatory Foresight and The Next Generation Utility: Enhancing Value Amidst Policy and Technological Uncertainty
Author(s): PA Consulting
Publication Date: 2016


Description (excerpt):
Next generation utilities should develop regulatory foresight to anticipate both the desirable and unwanted impacts of new technologies and policies, and create the internal flexibility to respond appropriately. Developing regulatory foresight to manage uncertainty will look different for each utility. However, the basic building blocks include two major principles:

• Expanding far-sighted thinking

• Engaging in entrepreneurial policy-making

The co-evolution of technology and policy is exciting, even if there are potential pitfalls with an approach that is too polarized toward either a policy or technology. The disruptive technology and policy innovations facing the utility sector need not be a threat to utilities. Rather, by proactively recognizing and responding to changes to the status quo, utilities can inc