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2013 Offshore Wind Market and Economic Analysis

2013 Offshore Wind Market and Economic Analysis

Full Title: 2013 Offshore Wind Market and Economic Analysis
Author(s):  Bruce Hamilton
Publisher(s): Navigant Consulting
Publication Date: October 1, 2013
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Description (excerpt):


The U.S. offshore wind industry is transitioning from early development to demonstration of commercial viability. While there are no commercial-scale projects in operation or in the construction phase, there are eleven U.S. projects in advanced development, defined as having either been awarded a lease, conducted baseline for geophysical studies, or obtained a power purchase agreement (PPA). There are panels or task forces in place in at least 13 states to engage stakeholders to identify constraints and sites for offshore wind. U.S. policy makers are beginning to follow the examples in Europe that have proven successful in stimulating offshore wind technological advancement, project deployment, and job creation.

This report is the second annual assessment of the U.S. offshore wind market. It includes the following major sections:

  • Key data on developments in the offshore wind technology sector and the global development of offshore wind projects, with particular focus on progress in the U.S.
  • Analysis of policy developments at the federal and state levels that have been effective in advancing offshore wind deployment in the U.S.
  • Analysis of actual and projected economic impact, including regional development and job creation
  • Analysis of developments in relevant sectors of the economy with the potential to affect offshore wind deployment in the U.S.


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