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2030 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act Plan

2030 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act Plan

Full Title: 2030 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act Plan
Author(s): Maryland Commission on Climate Change
Publisher(s): Maryland Department of the Environment
Publication Date: February 22, 2021
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

The 2030 GGRA Plan sets forth a comprehensive set of measures to reduce and sequester GHGs, including investments in energy efficiency and clean and renewable energy solutions, clean transportation projects and widespread adoption of electric vehicles, and improved management of forests and farms to sequester more carbon in trees and soils. In addition to reducing GHG emissions, these measures will make our economy stronger, create thousands of Maryland jobs, and improve the health of communities throughout the state. The plan advances each of these measures with an eye toward how they can best benefit overburdened and underserved communities and address long-standing environmental and racial injustices.

The 2030 GGRA Plan benefited immeasurably from the input of the Maryland Commission on Climate Change and from members of the public who participated in the outreach and comment process for the 2019 GGRA Draft Plan. That partnership will continue as we build upon this plan and accelerate our progress in the future.

Maryland’s ambitious and inclusive approach to climate action and justice has grown more effective over time, with updates to our GGRA Plan in 2013, 2015, and 2019. This 2030 GGRA Plan continues that progress, putting us on a track to achieve deep GHG reductions of nearly 50% by 2030, and calling for net-zero economy-wide GHG emissions by 2045. We have much more work to do to achieve that bold goal, but with determined focus by all parts of state government, leaders and experts on the Commission, and Marylanders in all parts of our state, we can meet this challenge and secure a prosperous and healthy Maryland and Chesapeake Bay.

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