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50 States of Power Decarbonization

50 States of Power Decarbonization

Full Title: 50 States of Power Decarbonization: Q1 Quarterly Report
Author(s): Emily Apadula, Rebekah de la Mora, Justin Lindemann, Brian Lips, Vincent Potter, Autumn Proudlove, and David Sarkisian
Publisher(s): NC Clean Energy Technology Center and DSIRE insight
Publication Date: May 21, 2024
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

Decarbonization is an expansive term generally referring to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Decarbonization can be discussed in the context of any emitting sector – electric power, buildings, industrial processes, transportation, agriculture, or the economy as a whole. This report focuses specifically on decarbonization of the electric power sector, which may include economy-wide decarbonization actions that necessarily encompass the electric power sector.

The purpose of this report is to provide timely, accurate, and unbiased updates to a broad audience about how states are choosing to study, adopt, implement, amend, or discontinue policies associated with power decarbonization and how utilities are planning for and implementing future generation resource additions and retirements. This report catalogues proposed and approved executive, legislative, and regulatory changes affecting electric power decarbonization during the most recent quarter, as well as actions related to investor-owned utility resource plans and generation capacity changes.

The 50 States of Power Decarbonization report series provides regular quarterly updates and annual summaries of electric power decarbonization policy updates and utility resource planning, keeping stakeholders informed and up to date.

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