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Accelerating Access to Energy

Accelerating Access to Energy

Full Title: Accelerating Access to Energy
Author(s): Simon Desjardins, Richard Gomes, Pradeep Pursnani, and Chris West
Publisher(s): Shell Foundation
Publication Date: December 1, 2014
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Description (excerpt):

Nearly two billion people 1 – that’s three in every 10 people – lack access to reliable and affordable modern energy, constraining their health, education and earning potential. Of this group, 60% live entirely without electricity for cooking, lighting and heating at home, for community services such as schools or health centres, or for improving the productivity of small business and farms.

This energy deficit forms a formidable barrier to inclusive growth and poverty reduction that shows limited signs of abating. Already, researchers using World Bank data 2 have estimated that Africa misses out on 2–4% a year in GDP growth due to power shortages. Without major changes to the way people access and use energy, almost one billion people will still be without electricity in 2030.

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