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Advancing inclusion through Clean Energy Jobs

Advancing inclusion through Clean Energy Jobs

Full Title: Advancing inclusion through clean energy jobs
Author(s): Mark Muro, Adie Tomer, Ranjitha Shivaram, and Joseph W. Kane
Publisher(s): The Brookings Institution
Publication Date: April 1, 2019
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Description (excerpt):

The transition to a clean energy economy continues. Motivated by mounting scientific evidence, shifting market forces, and in some cases policy, U.S. industries are installing more zero-carbon energy sources, developing more energy-efficient products, and adopting more environmentally-sensitive standards. More recently, debates have broken out in Congress over the need for an ambitious Green New Deal centered on clean economy employment. The result: Shifts in “green jobs,” carbon emissions, electricity consumption, and resilience to climate shocks have become some of the highest profile, most discussed trends of the decade.

Considerably less attention has been paid to the types of workers, activities, and skills needed in years to come. We still know relatively little about the nature of the work associated with the clean energy transition and the specific occupations necessary to deliver a vibrant clean energy economy moving forward.

Focused squarely on the workforce side of the clean energy transition, this analysis aims to help energy sector professionals, state and local policymakers, regional education and training sector leaders, and community organizations get a clearer look at the nature, needs, and opportunities associated with the future clean energy workforce. In particular, this analysis explores the extent to which such occupations will offer pathways to inclusive economic opportunity.

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