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Advancing the U.S. Nonfederal Movement to Support the Paris Agreement

Advancing the U.S. Nonfederal Movement to Support the Paris Agreement

Full Title: Advancing the U.S. Nonfederal Movement to Support the Paris Agreement
Author(s): Gwynne Taraska and Howard Marano
Publisher(s): Center for American Progress
Publication Date: November 1, 2017
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

Since the current U.S. administration announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, state, local, and private-sector leaders across the United States have created a landscape of climate initiatives and alliances to demonstrate that the country remains largely commited to the global fght against climate change. To date, the U.S. nonfederal climate movement has focused on pledges to reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions in an efort to support the Paris Agreement. Given that the movement represents a signifcant percentage of the U.S. economy and population, these pledges have provided international assurance that the second-largest emiter will continue its pivot toward clean energy—even as the White House pursues an anti-climate agenda.

Supporting the Paris Agreement, however, entails more than promoting clean energy domestically—as important as that is—given that the agreement is a multifaceted pact to collectively curb the cause, adapt to the efects, and cope with the damage of climate change.3 If U.S. state and local governments and private-sector actors seek to comprehensively take up the mantle of U.S. leadership in the global climate efort, they should expand their focus to include not only domestic emissions reductions but also international assistance and cooperation. Specifcally, they should seek to mobilize and provide fnance to promote clean energy and climate preparedness in the most vulnerable developing countries, which is an essential pillar of the Paris Agreement.4 Tey should also participate in the international collaborations that spur more ambitious climate action.

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