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An Energy Blueprint for America: Policy Solutions for a New Energy Economy

An Energy Blueprint for America: Policy Solutions for a New Energy Economy

Full Title:  An Energy Blueprint for America: Policy Solutions for a New Energy Economy
Author(s):  Republican Governors Public Policy Committee
Publisher(s):  Republican Governors Public Policy Committee
Publication Date: August 1, 2012
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Description (excerpt):

The 21st century has transformed every American’s way of life. These changes relate to information technology and consumer electronics and reach into healthcare, transportation, and other vital facets of modern civilization. Underlining all of these developments is an increased reliance on energy to power our modern society. Unfortunately, many factors including supply disruptions, price volatility, global market uncertainty, and overregulation have negatively impacted our energy economy. The American people recognize the need for more predictability and energy innovation every time they pay higher gas and electricity prices. In a March Gallup poll, 91 percent of respondents said that the energy situation in the United States is “very” or “fairly” serious.

Republican governors are committed to protecting the environment while providing reliable and affordable energy. Our nation’s energy policy must reflect these goals, and the states are better positioned than the federal government to lead the drive toward these objectives because they are closely connected to the needs of their states’ citizens as well as the unique circumstances impacting their environment. We want to harness the effectiveness of the free market system to ensure the United States has the energy we need, with the appropriate environmental protections, at the lowest cost. Through the joint efforts of the state and federal governments, air, land, and water quality have improved significantly from the 1970’s to today. Consequently, America has cleaner air, land, and water than at any time since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other federal agencies began their work.

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