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Beyond BID: Getting EV Charging Plugged Into Reconciliation

Beyond BID: Getting EV Charging Plugged Into Reconciliation

Full Title: Beyond BID: Getting EV Charging Plugged Into Reconciliation
Author(s): Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, Alexander Laska
Publisher(s): Third Way
Publication Date: August 16, 2021
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

Consumers are starting to see the value in electric vehicles (EVs), and automakers are leading the charge by going big on these vehicles and the necessary charging infrastructure. While private companies are building out more and more EV charging infrastructure to accommodate the accelerating shift towards EVs, we need federal support to ensure a robust buildout and to make sure this infrastructure is available to all drivers, including those in rural and underserved communities. The bipartisan infrastructure deal (BID) is a good first step towards building out that nationwide, publicly accessible network and could help fund as many as 600,000 chargers. But we ultimately need far more than that to transition fully to EVs, grow the EV workforce, and meet our climate goals. Congress should use reconciliation to go beyond what’s included in the BID and provide additional support for EV charging infrastructure by extending and expanding the 30C Alternative Fuel Refueling Property Credit.

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