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Clean Energy Works for Us: Q3 2014 Jobs Report

Clean Energy Works for Us: Q3 2014 Jobs Report

Full Title: Clean Energy Works for Us: Q3 2014 Jobs Report
Author(s): Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2)
Publisher(s): Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2)
Publication Date: November 1, 2014
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Description (excerpt):

More than 18,000 clean energy and clean transportation jobs were announced in 23 states during the third quarter of 2014.  is represents an uptick relative to Q2.  is quarter’s numbers are also higher than the corresponding quarter a year ago. Despite the strong quarter, future clean energy job growth is anything but assured, especially given the uncertainty surrounding the political changes that came with the Nov. 4 election. It will be up to the new Republican-led Congress to decide whether to continue the job-creating clean energy policies that have been crucial to driving clean energy development and employment in every state in the country. Both Republican and Democratic congressional districts benefited almost equally from clean energy job announcements — indicating that clean energy knows no political boundaries, according to E2’s analysis. At least 9,095 jobs were announced in Republican congressional districts, compared with 7,690 jobs announced in Democratic districts. About 1,250 job announcements spanned both Republican and Democratic districts.

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