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Coal in a New Carbon Age

Coal in a New Carbon Age

Full Title: Coal in a New Carbon Age
Author(s): National Coal Council
Publisher(s): National Coal Council
Publication Date: May 1, 2019
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Description (excerpt):

The United States is embarking on a “New Age of Carbon” which will usher in significant opportunities for coal beyond conventional markets for power generation and steelmaking. Coal, and the carbon it contains, is on the crest of powering a wave of innovation in advanced products and manufacturing.

Advanced markets for coal-derived products, materials and technologies, referenced in this report as “coal-to-products,” include:
 Coal to Liquids – fuels and chemicals
 Coal to Solid Carbon Products – carbon fiber, activated carbon, graphite, electrodes, graphene, building and construction products, carbon foam and carbon black
 Rare Earth Elements – component minerals for health care, military, transportation,
power generation, petroleum refining and electronics applications
 Coal Beneficiation – quality enhancements to coal for specialty product applications
 Life Science, Biotech and Medical – prosthetics and biosensors
 Agricultural Uses – fertilizer

The opportunity for the U.S. represented by these markets is compelling. Advancing new markets for coal can enhance U.S. national defense security, bolster the nation’s energy and mineral security, enhance our nation’s environmental objectives and contribute to America’s economic prosperity.

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