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Driving Cleaner

Driving Cleaner

Full Title: Driving Cleaner: Electric Cars and Pickups Beat Gasoline on Lifetime Global Warming Emissions
Author(s): David Reichmuth, Jessica Dunn, and Don Anair
Publisher(s): Union of Concerned Scientists
Publication Date: July 1, 2022
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

To reduce both climate-changing emissions and exposure to air pollution, the United States must greatly reduce tailpipe emissions from cars and trucks. This makes the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) vital to meeting targets for both climate and public health. Using fully electric vehicles in place of conventional gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles enables the complete elimination of tailpipe emissions.

While electric vehicles can eliminate tailpipe emissions, the total emissions from their use include emissions from two other sources: the electricity used to recharge EVs and the processes and materials used to manufacture them. Thus, the value of switching from gasoline and diesel cars and trucks to EVs will increase further as the electricity grid and manufacturing become cleaner.

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