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Election 2020: What’s at Stake for Energy?

Election 2020: What’s at Stake for Energy?

Full Title: Election 2020: What’s at Stake for Energy?
Publisher(s): Atlantic Council Global Energy Center
Publication Date: January 28, 2020
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Description (excerpt):

The 2020 US presidential election will have a profound impact on global energy markets and broad implications for US trade, foreign, energy, and climate policies. Today, the Republican and Democratic parties are farther apart on these issues than at any other moment in recent history. The Republican Party, led by US President Donald J. Trump, will continue to prioritize his “energy dominance” agenda. This agenda favors expanded production and access to all fuels, with a focus on abundant US fossil fuel resources and a sharply circumscribed role for emissions reductions and climate policy. Early proposals from the Democratic presidential candidates suggest an alternative vision where formulating a national climate policy—with an emphasis on largescale emissions reduction—would foster rapid decarbonization through a massive investment in clean energy infrastructure and the deployment of zero- and low-carbon fuels throughout the US economy.

On foreign and trade policies, a second Trump Administration will maintain its nationalistic and isolationist tone, which prioritizes transactional relationships over conventional alliances and shared values. Reshoring of manufacturing and jobs will be at the heart of trade agreements. Although a Democratic administration may share the sense of skepticism toward globalized and multilateral trade, the party’s leading presidential candidates firmly support the traditional US alliance system, place greater emphasis on human rights and democracy, and would enshrine leadership on climate change as a cornerstone of foreign relations and, especially, future trade agreements

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