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Energy Demands on Water Sources

Energy Demands on Water Sources

Full Title:  Energy Demands on Water Sources: Report to Congress on the Interdependency Between Energy and Water
Author(s):  U.S. Department of Energy
Publisher(s):  U.S. Department of Energy
Publication Date: December 1, 2006
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

For the past century, America has invested significant research, development, and construction funding to develop both fresh surface-water and groundwater resources. The result is a water infrastructure that allows us to harness the vast resources of the country’s rivers and watersheds, control floods, and store water during droughts to provide reliable supplies of freshwater for agricultural, industrial, domestic, and energy uses. During this same period, the U.S. developed extensive natural resources such as coal, oil, natural gas, and uranium and created an infrastructure to process and transport these resources in an efficient and cost-effective manner to consumers. These two achieve- ments have helped stimulate unprecedented economic growth and development.

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