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Energy Transition Outlook: China 2024

Energy Transition Outlook: China 2024

Full Title: Energy Transition Outlook: China 2024
Author(s): DNV
Publisher(s): DNV
Publication Date: May 2, 2024
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Description (excerpt):

China currently finds itself in a transitional space in terms of its energy profile. It is by far the largest consumer of coal globally at over 50% of worldwide consumption, yet it is also by far the leading installer of renewable capacity. Over the next three decades, renewables will largely replace coal in China’s power mix, helping to elevate it to the top rank of regions in terms of the non-fossil share of its power mix.
The central government sets China’s policy direction and goals and has the power to ensure the party line is upheld, but relies heavily on lower levels of government and local officials for implementation. The stability of the government arguably removes some uncertainty from a forecasting perspective. However, there remains some uncertainty over the effectiveness of the future investment strategy of the state as it pivots from property and infrastructure spending towards support for higher value-adding manufacturing and consumption-led growth.

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