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Equity in State 100% Clean Energy Legislation and Executive Orders

Equity in State 100% Clean Energy Legislation and Executive Orders

Full Title: Equity in State 100% Clean Energy Legislation and Executive Orders
Author(s): Charles Hua
Publisher(s): Clean Energy States Alliance
Publication Date: October 18, 2022
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Description (excerpt):

For this report, the author reviewed currently enacted 100% clean energy legislation and executive orders in 20 US states and the District of Columbia. The legislation and orders are analyzed through an equity and environmental justice lens. The report provides a summary of how equity has been included in the legislation and executive orders. However, it does not assess the quality or effectiveness of any particular policy. By condensing information from many states in one place, we hope the report will make it easier for various stakeholders to understand what has been done so far and will inform future policy development. A detailed list of the legislation and executive orders that were reviewed for this report is included in Appendix A.

To conduct this analysis, equity-related provisions in 100% clean energy legislation were identified. The report outlines different states’ definitions of equity and environmental justice, then analyzes states’ approaches regarding the recognition of inequitable climate impacts, proposed mitigation solutions, and planning and implementation processes. These concepts are also referred to as recognition justice, distributional justice, and procedural justice, respectively.

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