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Find Decarbonization Success With Satisfied Utility Customers

Find Decarbonization Success With Satisfied Utility Customers

Full Title: Find Decarbonization Success With Satisfied Utility Customers
Author(s): Utegration
Publisher(s): Utegration
Publication Date: June 30, 2023
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

In order to meet decarbonization goals, a large number of utility customers must enroll in clean energy programs and invest in clean energy products. Luckily, customers are eager to play a role in the push for clean energy. 2022 saw record residential solar installations, creating six gigawatts of additional capacity for American homes.

For utilities, this is a unique opportunity to rapidly meet decarbonization goals while keeping customers satisfied. To succeed, utility companies must invest in smart digital infrastructure that makes it easy for customers to adapt to the energy transition and embrace programs like solar, EVs and more. In this infographic, you’ll learn:

– Why customer demand for clean energy is a unique opportunity for utilities.
– How smart metering can help utilities identify the customer base most likely to invest in clean energy programs.
– How improved customer service and marketing can empower and inspire customers to enroll in clean utility programs.

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