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Floating Wind: Turning Ambition into Action

Floating Wind: Turning Ambition into Action

Full Title: Floating Wind: Turning Ambition into Action
Author(s): DNV
Publisher(s): DNV
Publication Date: February 22, 2023
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Description (excerpt):

Offshore wind is experiencing a decade of progress. But with space at a premium and many offshore areas proving too deep for bottom-fixed turbines, the attractiveness of floating wind is growing and looks set to take a sizable piece of the overall offshore wind pie. DNV’s Energy Transition Outlook forecasts that by 2050, 15% of all offshore wind installed capacity will come from floating offshore wind. This means that approximately 300 GW of floating offshore wind will be installed globally in the next 30 years, requiring around 20,000 turbines, each mounted on top of floating units weighing more than 5,000 tonnes and secured with so many mooring lines that if they were tied end-to-end they would wrap around the world twice.

Reaching these ambitious targets will rely on commercializing what is still technology in its infancy and this will require investment. But early signs are promising and the wind industry looks set to move from ambition to action, with DNV’s Industry Insights research revealing that 60% of organizations with revenue producing business in wind, expect to increase investment in floating offshore wind in 2023. But for floating offshore wind to achieve its potential it needs to overcome several challenges. To better understand the industry’s view on these challenges and how they can be solved, DNV conducted a survey of floating offshore wind experts from across the globe.

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