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Fostering Collaboration Would Help Build Needed Transmission

Fostering Collaboration Would Help Build Needed Transmission

Full Title: Fostering Collaboration Would Help Build Needed Transmission
Author(s): Rob Gramlich, Richard Doying, and Zach Zimmerman
Publisher(s): Grid Strategies LLC
Publication Date: February 1, 2024
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

It is a national priority to expand transmission capacity on the nation’s bulk power system
to improve grid reliability and resilience and deliver clean, low-cost power to consumers.
Building such transmission is notoriously difficult; however, numerous instances of successful
transmission expansion prove that it is possible. Given the challenges of developing electric
transmission and the need for infrastructure expansion in the coming decades, it is especially
critical to learn from hard-earned experience in terms of what drives success. Other reports
have noted the importance of well-tailored transmission planning, permitting, and cost
allocation policies to drive investment in the high-voltage grid. What else can be taken from the
experience of grid expansion to further increase the chances of meeting system needs? In this
report, they review dozens of successful major transmission expansion efforts to draw lessons
from what has succeeded in getting transmission built.

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