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Fueling a Low-Carbon Biofuel Future in Minnesota

Fueling a Low-Carbon Biofuel Future in Minnesota

Full Title: Fueling a Low-Carbon Biofuel Future in Minnesota
Author(s): John Holler
Publisher(s): Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)
Publication Date: May 1, 2024
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Description (excerpt):

The United States is the top biofuel producer in the world, with the Midwest generating hundreds of millions of barrels of ethanol and tens of millions of barrels of biodiesel annually. As a top-five producer of ethanol and biodiesel in the United States, policymakers, fuel producers, farmers, and communities in the state will be influential in the country’s ability to both lower agricultural emissions and deliver low-carbon energy for liquid fuel-reliant transportation modes. Federal funding under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act offers new opportunities for Minnesota to support its own Sustainable Aviation Fuel Credit and the launch of the Minnesota Sustainable Aviation Fuel Hub through the Greater MSP Partnership. Capitalizing on federal and state initiatives to support sustainable fuel production, Minnesota can leverage its unique position to establish robust supply markets, improve the climate and sustainability impacts of biofuels, bolster community health and wellbeing, and support demand-side opportunities for the long-term uptake of low-carbon biofuels. This brief provides insights from a roundtable hosted in Minneapolis in October 2023 that explored the low-carbon fuels opportunity and the associated market, regulatory, and technological challenges in Minnesota.

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