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Getting to Gigatonne: Scaling the Carbon Removal Industry

Getting to Gigatonne: Scaling the Carbon Removal Industry

Full Title: Getting to Gigatonne: Scaling the Carbon Removal Industry
Author(s): Nikki Batchelor, Michael Leitch, Laura Franzini, Ongeleigh, and Reinaldo Juan Lee Pereira
Publisher(s): XPRIZE
Publication Date: May 1, 2024
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

Getting to gigatonne scale carbon removal will be one of the greatest grand challenges humanity has ever faced, and we are just getting started. This report is an analysis of the Top 100 Teams in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal, using real data from their Feb 2024 submissions to the Finals of the competition. This data is a helpful benchmark for the industry, as it represents a diverse cohort of “novel” CDR solutions from 25 countries across many pathways. These Teams are all currently removing CO2 or working to do so for the first time this year, a significant milestone for the industry. In addition to analyzing real kilotonne project operating data, this report looks at scaling trajectories and projections around building the first megatonne projects, and the larger impacts of scaling to gigatonne.

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