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Grid Ready: Powering NYC’s All-Electric Buildings

Grid Ready: Powering NYC’s All-Electric Buildings

Full Title: Grid Ready: Powering NYC's All-Electric Buildings
Author(s): Urban Green Council
Publisher(s): Urban Green Council
Publication Date: November 29, 2021
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

Solving climate change will require drastic carbon reductions. For buildings, that means shifting from fossil-fuel heating systems to all-electric ones. ​​

About 67 percent of New York City’s building emissions come from burning fossil fuels on-site, primarily for heating and hot water. There’s growing consensus that electrifying buildings is necessary, but less certainty about when buildings should be electrified and whether our grid can support this large-scale transformation.

This report sheds light on how power is delivered to NYC, examines how heat pumps will change electricity demand in buildings, and shows how electrification can be rolled out to carefully manage increasing demand. We used energy models to predict power demands based on actual monthly energy use and found that almost half the citywide building area could be electrified before NYC’s peak power demand shifts from summer to winter. This means that we can accommodate near term electrification, with room to grow.

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