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How Capital Markets Are Driving Clean Energy

How Capital Markets Are Driving Clean Energy

Full Title: How Capital Markets Are Driving Clean Energy
Author(s): Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, John Milko, Andres Prieto
Publisher(s): Third Way
Publication Date: March 24, 2021
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Description (excerpt):

Capital markets are huge – over $200 trillion globally. And when steering capital toward climate and clean energy markets, they can have as big an impact on reducing GHG emissions as our most ambitious policy proposals. Capital markets took a massive leap toward clean energy in the last year. This is a positive development since most experts think we have a $20 trillion backlog of infrastructure and other projects needed to get us on the path to net zero emissions. Investors are looking to get more out of their positions than just a quarterly dividend. They want to be part of the solution to reducing carbon pollution by choosing to invest in activities that have a measurable, positive impact. Three major investment trends have accelerated recently:

  • More capital flowing to clean energy and electric vehicle startups;
  • Decisive moves out of fossil fuel assets; and
  • Growth in green bonds, supporting projects that cut CO2 emissions.

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