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Making Hydrogen Hubs a Success

Making Hydrogen Hubs a Success

Full Title: Making Hydrogen Hubs a Success
Author(s): Joseph Majkut, Jane Nakano, Mathias Zacarias
Publisher(s): Center for Strategic and International Studies
Publication Date: July 30, 2022
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

In the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), the U.S. Congress authorized the creation of Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs (H2Hubs) to address the multiple challenges facing this nascent industry. In the United States, there is presently little production of low-emissions hydrogen, few users, and almost no linkages between them. To solve these challenges, the legislation calls for each H2Hub to establish “a network of clean hydrogen producers, potential clean hydrogen consumers, and connective infrastructure located in close proximity” to demonstrate the production, processing, storage, transportation, and use of clean hydrogen.

In Spring 2022, the CSIS Energy Security and Climate Change Program hosted several workshops to explore how best practices in regional economic development and innovation policy could help inform the design and administration of H2Hubs. The program also considered how hub models are being used around the world to foster investment in clean-hydrogen production and create market demand for it. This report is a product of those workshops and research that preceded and followed them.

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