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Moving America Forward: 2012 Democratic National Platform

Moving America Forward: 2012 Democratic National Platform

Full Title:  Moving America Forward: 2012 Democratic National Platform
Author(s):  2012 Democratic National Convention
Publisher(s):  2012 Democratic National Convention
Publication Date: September 1, 2012
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Description (excerpt):

In the last four years, President Obama and the Democratic Party have taken concrete steps to make us more energy independent. We’ve supported nearly 225,000 clean energy jobs and Americans are importing less oil, breathing cleaner air, and saving money on energy costs. Historic investments in clean energy technologies have helped double the electricity we get from wind and solar. New emissions and fuel efficiency standards for American cars are reducing our oil use, saving consumers at the pump, and putting Americans back to work. Our dependence on foreign oil is now at a 16-year low, and a new era of cheap, abundant natural gas is helping to bring jobs and industry back to the United States.

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