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Natural Gas and Indoor Air Pollution in North America

Natural Gas and Indoor Air Pollution in North America

Full Title: Natural Gas and Indoor Air Pollution in North America
Author(s): Sebastian Rowland, Eric Lebel, Jackson Goldman, Jeremy Domen, Kelsey Bilsback, Angélica Ruiz, Jessie M. Jaeger, Lee Ann Hill, Yannai S. Kashtan, Colin Finnegan, Metta Nicholson, Zutao Ouyang, Robert Jackson, Seth B.C. Shonkoff, and Drew Michanowicz
Publisher(s): PSE Healthy Energy
Publication Date: June 4, 2024
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Description (excerpt):

This study adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting that distribution-grade natural gas contains a range of hazardous air pollutants, which can have adverse impacts for indoor air quality and public health. Specifically, this study indicates that benzene and other hazardous air pollutants are present in nearly all natural gas that is supplied to households, buildings and businesses throughout North America, which builds on existing evidence that natural gas leakage poses not only climate, but also human health risks. In addition, this study shows that the concentration of odorants in natural gas varies depending on location and that these variations can contribute to scenarios where exposure to hazardous air pollutants may persist without detection for long periods of time.

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