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Revitalizing America’s Nuclear Energy Supply Chain

Revitalizing America’s Nuclear Energy Supply Chain

Full Title: Revitalizing America’s Nuclear Energy Supply Chain
Author(s): Ryan Norman, Alan Ahn
Publisher(s): Third Way
Publication Date: May 25, 2022
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

After years of investing in innovative advanced reactor designs, the United States now has a unique opportunity to deploy nuclear energy to reduce emissions, bolster American industry and manufacturing, and create thousands of good, well-paying jobs. A robust US advanced nuclear industry would also be well-positioned to lead the world in nuclear energy exports—there is a potentially massive global market for these technologies in the next few decades, including a projected demand of 200-300 GW of new nuclear by 2050 in just the EU and UK. This growing international demand for new nuclear builds is driven not only by the need to reduce emissions, but also to strengthen energy security and cut reliance on fossil fuel imports from hostile regimes. Recapturing this international market requires revitalizing our domestic nuclear supply chains, both for reactor components and fuel.

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