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Skills Needs in the Energy Industry

Skills Needs in the Energy Industry

Full Title: Skills Needs in the Energy Industry
Author(s): Deloitte, Norman Broadbent, and the Energy Institute
Publisher(s): Deloitte, Norman Broadbent, and the Energy Institute
Publication Date: January 1, 2008
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Description (excerpt):

For some years, the energy industry has registered a steady decline in the numbers of new recruits entering the sector, with science, engineering and technical (SET) skills particularly affected. Many parts of the industry have been undergoing slower growth rates than in the 1970s, but until relatively recently, the situation had been manageable. However, over the last decade, the risk of future serious shortages in SET skills has emerged, exacerbated by increasing global demand, large scale downsizing leading to lack of recruitment into the energy sector during the 1980s, and a large section of the industry’s workforce rapidly approaching retirement. Such shortages would be felt at all professional levels, from technical specialists and operators to leaders and senior managers.

The Energy Institute (EI), Norman Broadbent and Deloitte undertook the research to establish the scope of the problem and the level of awareness among energy companies of this potential threat to their business activities.

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