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The Challenges of Wind Turbine Blade Durability

The Challenges of Wind Turbine Blade Durability

Full Title: The Challenges of Wind Turbine Blade Durability
Author(s): Dayton A. Griffin
Publisher(s): DNV
Publication Date: May 15, 2023
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Description (excerpt):

Blade durability has become a significant challenge in wind turbine technology. During operations of wind projects, DNV has observed that wind turbine blades have transitioned from relatively low-maintenance components to the leading problem for some operators.

This paper examines the factors that are contributing to this transition through the lens of broad trends across the life cycle of blades – design, manufacturing, transportation/handling, operations, and life extension – and synthesizes a perspective based on DNV’s experience providing technical support to owners, operators, and turbine manufacturers. Perspectives provided here are driven by a combination of observations made through DNV’s interactions with the industry, including seeing the commercial and contractual forces driving new projects, providing certification-related services, performing blade design reviews and blade manufacturing evaluations, observing operational damage from inspections, and investigating blade failures.

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