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The Mineral Foundation of the Energy Transition

The Mineral Foundation of the Energy Transition

Full Title: The Mineral Foundation of the Energy Transition
Author(s): Morgan D. Bazilian
Publisher(s): The Extractive Industries and Society, Elsevier
Publication Date: February 10, 2018
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Description (excerpt):

This Viewpoint briefly considers the implications of, and possible policy responses to, the critical role of minerals and metals in the current “energy transition”. That transition is most often described in terms of the world’s energy systems moving towards cleaner and low-carbon technologies and systems. No matter how the contours of this transition eventually manifest, it will likely have significant impacts on the supply and trade of certain minerals and metals. There are several recent scenarios analyses considering these implications with a focus on materials required for solar photovoltaics and electric vehicles. In addition to technical aspects, there are critical geopolitical, economic, environmental, social, and governance issues arising. The paper concludes with recommendations for possible policy and regulatory responses in areas ranging from resource mapping to political economy.

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